Expert gives advice on ideal heating temperatures

Andy Kerr, the founder of a boiler supplying firm, has given some tips to the Express about how to manage your heating over the winter despite concerns about high energy costs.

The first thing he cautions against is turning your heating off altogether in cold conditions. He says that if you let indoor temperatures get too low in your home, pipes may freeze and burst, causing damage that will be more expensive to repair than what you will have saved on energy bills. He therefore recommends warming your home to at least 10°C to avoid this.

Nevertheless, he says this doesn’t mean you should keep it at this setting all day, dispelling the myth that it is more efficient to have your heating on constantly. Instead, he recommends just heating your home when you actually need it, such as mornings and evenings if everyone is out during the day. He recommends setting the thermostat to between 18°C and 20°C and points out that using different temperatures at different times can decrease costs while still increasing comfort. In Kerr’s words:

“…experimenting with different temperatures can both reduce energy bills and potentially lead to a better night’s sleep. Instead of setting one temperature across the whole day, try switching between daytime and nighttime temperatures, as this may make you more comfortable at home and also reduce your energy usage.”

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