Heating expert dispels costly myths

Speaking to BirminghamLive, Rightio compliance officer and lead engineer Simon Brown has refuted a number of myths about heating that could be costing people money.

The first myth he mentioned related to how people sometimes believe it is cheaper to leave the hot water on constantly. While this isn’t an issue with all boilers, it does apply to any boiler that has a hot water tank. Rather than keep heating the hot water constantly, Brown recommends making sure the tank is well insulated to ensure the water stays hotter for longer without active heating.

The next myth he tackled was the belief that setting the thermostat higher will make rooms warm up more rapidly. He said this was untrue:

“…because your thermostat doesn’t have control over how quickly your house heats up. Instead, it matches the final temperature you’ve set. Turning the thermostat up in an attempt to warm the house up quicker will cost you more money and will eventually make the room uncomfortably hot.”

He emphasised that upgrading wall and loft insulation represented better value than installing double-glazing. He also recommended getting a boiler serviced regularly to ensure it is working efficiently and to identify any potential problems, so preventive maintenance can avoid it failing in future and possibly needing an expensive repair or replacement.

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