Maintenance checklist for central heating systems

With the colder temperatures upon us, it’s important for a central heating system to be working as efficiently as possible. Here’s a checklist of simple maintenance tasks if you haven’t already done them.

Bleeding the radiators is important for ensuring they’re heating your rooms effectively. It’s normal in central heating systems for small pockets of air to get trapped in individual radiators and prevent warm water from reaching the top, so releasing this trapped air will help them to function.

Next, low water pressure in the system is a common problem with boilers, and this can stop them working properly and even cause them to stop working altogether. The manual for your boiler will indicate the desired pressure range and the process for increasing the pressure, which is usually quick and easy to do when needed.

If the condensate pipe for your boiler is prone to freezing, you may have to go through the inconvenience of manually thawing it. A way to prevent this would be to leave your heating on at a low level during the coldest periods, although this approach would end up costing you slightly more. Finally, when a boiler is installed in a cupboard or other enclosure, it’s important to ensure that the air vents are not blocked with debris to ensure adequate ventilation.

Having your boiler serviced regularly by a qualified engineer is also important for ensuring efficiency and picking up any potential faults before they become a problem. Xgas can provide a boiler service in Wrexham and the surrounding regions, so get in touch to arrange an appointment.