UK announces plans to secure energy supply

With electricity set to power an increasing share of the economy, the UK Government has laid out its plans to increase the gas-fired generating capacity in the UK to cover periods when weather conditions do not permit substantial renewable production.

It will also introduce a system of zonal pricing that could reduce consumers’ bills by encouraging renewable energy production to be built closer to where it’s most needed.

The new power plants will be capable of operating efficiently for as little as an hour or two, with the plan being to run them less frequently as other low-carbon technologies are rolled out. They must also be capable of being converted to a low-carbon role in future, such as converting hydrogen to power or capturing carbon. Some have criticised the move as being incompatible with the commitment to have a decarbonised power system by 2035, although the Climate Change Committee has envisaged some degree of gas-fired generation as being compatible with this.

Another proposal is to have zoned wholesale pricing for electricity to encourage supply to be better matched to the areas of most demand, potentially saving £45 on the average household’s annual bill.

With gas set to remain part of the energy mix for the foreseeable future, installing gas central heating remains an attractive option for many households, especially with the high efficiency of modern condensing boilers. Xgas can install central heating in Chester and other locations around the Wrexham area, so talk to our team to learn more.