What are the benefits of getting a new boiler?

Having a new boiler fitted may seem unnecessary if your current boiler seems to be working fine. However, there are many reasons to consider replacing an older boiler with a more modern model.

If you’re planning on selling your home, for example, many potential buyers will be put off by an old boiler, with them seeing it as perhaps being inefficient, unreliable, environmentally unfriendly and a source of future expense. Even if you’re not trying to sell your home, there are other reasons why a new boiler could benefit you.

A primary reason would be the cost of your bills. With energy prices being much higher than they were a few years ago, the cost of heating your home represents a larger proportion of a household’s expenses. Modern condensing gas and oil boilers are much more efficient than their older, non-condensing counterparts, so they consume less fuel to achieve the same effect. Not only can this help lower your bills, but it also means fewer emissions into the environment. Combining a new boiler with the installation of thermostatic radiator valves can achieve further savings by heating your home more intelligently.

A new boiler is also much less likely to fail, and it may come with a warranty of up to 12 years, giving you further peace of mind. In many cases, you can spread the cost of the boiler through affordable financing options.

Xgas can provide a boiler installation in Wrexham and other nearby locations, like Chester and Ellesmere Port. Its engineers can guide you through what will be required and provide a no-obligation quote, so get in touch today to learn more.