What are the off-grid heating options?

When you lack access to the gas mains, you’ll find that you are unable to install a conventional gas boiler. Fortunately, there are other central heating options you can consider.

One way to heat your home without a gas grid connection is to get a liquid fuel boiler, which is commonly known as an oil boiler. Around a million UK homes use these because they offer similar benefits to a gas boiler, with excellent levels of control and flexibility. Modern oil boilers are also highly efficient, with them having the same high efficiency rates as gas boilers, which are usually over 90%. What’s more, liquid fuel is generally one of the cheapest options around. You will need a tank to store the fuel oil and arrange a delivery to fill it. As you won’t be tied to a certain supplier, you can shop around for the best price and time your order to take advantage of lower prices.

A similar option is to get a liquid petroleum gas (LPG) boiler. The main difference is that the gas is stored in an outside tank, and the company that supplies the gas usually owns this. This means that an annual rental fee will apply, and it can make it more problematic to change supplier to get the best price. Nevertheless, this can also reduce the up-front costs compared to an oil boiler because you don’t need to install your own tank.

Xgas can install off-grid central heating in Chester and any remote locations in the surrounding area, so get in touch to arrange a quote for an off-grid oil or LPG boiler.