What causes a leaking boiler and how can this be fixed?

We put our boilers under a lot of pressure over the years, and one worrying sign of a potential failure could be water leaking from it. In many cases, this may require the services of a qualified engineer.

One thing that you can check yourself is whether your boiler’s pressure is too high, as this can cause the pressure release valve to discharge water. Most modern boilers have a pressure gauge or a digital readout showing the boiler pressure, but it’s worth checking your boiler’s manual to learn what the manufacturer deems to be the acceptable range. If you find it’s too high, you can correct it by making sure that the boiler’s filling loop is fully closed and bleeding your radiators to release some air and water from the system.

Other problems that can cause leaks from within the boiler will likely require the services of a qualified engineer. It is never advisable to attempt to fix a faulty boiler yourself. Corrosion, for example, can affect pipework and components like the heat exchanger, and a gas engineer will be required to assess the condition of the boiler and make a reasoned judgement about whether it is feasible to repair it. Other potential problems include a leaking heat pump or loose joints on pipework.

Continuing to use a leaking boiler can lead to further damage. Xgas can dispatch a gas engineer to Wrexham and surrounding areas to assess the problem and suggest a remedy, so get in touch to learn more.