What to expect from a boiler installation

If you have a boiler that’s coming to the end of its serviceable life, you may be considering replacing it with a newer, more efficient model. Here’s what you can expect from the installation process.

It may take a few days to install a new boiler or simply a couple of hours, depending on the work involved. For example, if pipework needs upgrading or replacing, or if you want to move the boiler to a different location, this will require extra work. In terms of your preparation, you should ensure the area around the boiler is cleared as much possible to give the installer easy access.

The engineer will typically begin by removing the old boiler, and the speed of this will depend on the complexity of the old system. Next, it’s important that the water in the system is clean for your new boiler to prevent debris from potentially damaging it, so the engineer will then clean or flush your system according to British Standards. Depending on the condition of the system, this could take the form of a chemical flush or a power flush.

With the system now clean, the new boiler can be fitted, along with any extra accessories. Finally, the installer will test the boiler to ensure everything is working correctly.

Xgas offers boiler installation in Chester and other locations in North Wales and Cheshire, so if you’re looking to replace your old gas boiler, get in touch to get a no-obligation quote and learn about financing options.