Will all homes be subject to the gas boiler ban?

With the talk of a gas boiler ban in 2035, you may wonder if your home will be affected. Under the UK government’s recently modified plans, as many as a fifth of homes may be exempt from the ban.

Under the previous plans, all UK homes would have been affected, although existing boilers would have been allowed to operate to the end of their serviceable life. Nevertheless, much of the UK’s older housing stock would be challenging or particularly costly to insulate to the degree needed for the current low-carbon heating technologies. The announced changes now mean that more than five million homes may be able to have new boilers fitted, including oil boilers, even after 2035.

A spokesperson for the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero said to Inside Housing:

“We are adopting a more pragmatic, proportionate and realistic approach to meeting the 2050 target, in a way that eases the burden on families—as was set out by the prime minister last week. We will set an exemption for the households who will struggle most to make the switch…”

It should be noted that no existing properties will be affected by the gas boiler ban until 2035, so Xgas can of course offer boiler installation in Wrexham and the surrounding area for any home, even those off the gas grid that require an oil boiler. Get in touch for a no obligation quote and to explore financing options.