How Do Oil Boilers Work?

Most people only know about gas boilers. After all, that’s the most common way to heat a home. But if you’re reading this page, then you’re probably aware that not all homes can use gas boilers. For that to happen, the house must be connected to the national gas grid, and many homes within the UK are not, especially in rural areas.

So, does that mean that those homes have to fend for themselves against the winter chill? Not at all. Oil boilers offer a safe and effective alternative to gas boilers. But how do they work? Let’s take a look.

How Do Oil Boilers Work?

There’s no great mystery about oil boilers. In effect, they work just the same as gas boilers, it’s just that the fuel source is oil, rather than heat. The water within the boiler is heated up using oil as the fuel source. Once it is warm, the water can be transported around the property using pipes.

The notable difference is that to use an oil boiler, you must have the oil at your property — it cannot be transported in from elsewhere, as is the case with gas. Working with an oil boiler expert during the installation process can ensure that you have the right oil boiler size and placement at your house.

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