How To Run Your Heating and Hot Water Efficient This Winter to Save Money!

With energy bills rising, reaching record highs this winter, there is little wonder why many people are looking for cost-effective ways to use their heating and hot water without incurring massive energy bills. But the good news is that you can easily make minor adjustments to your boiler and heating systems to allow you to make changes that can save you money over the year.

Newer boilers are more energy efficient than older appliances. But before you move ahead and make any changes, you need to know the condition of your boiler. Ideally, you will be getting yearly services to ensure your boiler is in the best condition and looking for a replacement boiler installation once your boiler reaches 10-15 years or becomes more inefficient.

Some other helpful tips include;

  • Turning off preheat settings

Does your boiler turn on every so often to reheat the water? If so, this can cost you money to keep the water you aren’t using at that time warm. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, turn this setting off or adjust it so it only does this when required.

  • Set your timer

Setting your heating to come on at predetermined times, e.g., an hour before the first person gets up, can ensure you are only using the heating when required at specific times of the day. Avoid keeping your heating on low all the time.

  • Reduce temperature flow

How hot is your hot water? And do you need it that hot? Did you know that turning down the temperature of your water via your boiler can save you up to 8% on your heating bills over a year?

To learn more about ensuring your boiler is in a good state of repair to ensure efficient hot water and heating usage, contact us today at Xgas.