When Is The Best Time To Get A New Boiler Installed?

Boilers don’t last forever, and you might need a new one. But you need to know when it’s the best time to do so. So here’s a quick overview of the best time to get a new boiler installed.

When Should I Get a New Boiler?

There’s no definite time to get a new boiler. However, you should consider a new boiler for numerous reasons. Some of the reasons are severe and could indicate a dangerous problem with your boiler. Some of these reasons for a new boiler installation include:

  • Strange noises or banging coming from your boiler.
  • Your water and radiators don’t get hot enough.
  • Your boiler comes on by itself, even when the dials are turned off.

Any of these issues can indicate a serious problem with your boiler. And you should consider a new boiler installation if you have any of these, especially in an older home with an old boiler. As for the best time, engineers are typically less busy during the Summer months.

Boiler Installation in Wrexham

They say prevention is better than cure. And this is also true of your boiler. Minor problems can indicate a broader issue or a failing gas boiler. But you can help prevent all but the most severe problems by having your boiler serviced regularly. A summer service is best since it can equip you for the coming colder weather as Winter approaches. Having an expert replace or service your boiler when selling your home or moving into a new one is also a good idea. Getting ahead of it now can prevent some of the worst issues later on.

At X Gas, we offer premier boiler installation in Wrexham. Please get in touch with us to book a boiler service before we get too busy in the colder months.