Boiler firms set to reverse price increases

Anyone buying a new gas boiler should find it will be a little cheaper than previously expected, with the Telegraph reporting that boiler manufacturers are set to reverse price increases after the UK Government delayed implementation of the Clean Heat Market Mechanism (CHMM), which has been dubbed a “boiler tax.”

The CHMM was intended to drive the adoption of low-carbon alternative systems by fining boiler companies for not meeting sales targets for such systems. Boiler companies have argued that the targets were unfeasible, however. For example, Worcester Bosch said on its website that:

“…the targets that have been set are clearly unachievable within the timescales allowed. Therefore, it is inevitable that manufacturers will be fined heavily which puts many of them into either a non-profit situation or even loss making from as soon as years one or two of the scheme.”

This resulted in boiler manufacturers incorporating the expected penalties into their pricing structures, adding around a hundred pounds to the cost of a boiler. The Telegraph reports that with the CHMM now delayed for at least a year, boiler maker Baxi will reverse its price increase as soon as practical, with refunds being given to anyone who has already paid it. Other boiler manufacturers are expected to do the same.

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