British Gas updates customers on fixed tariff

Energy supplier British Gas has sent out an update to its customers informing them that they could potentially save money by switching to its fixed tariff.

It was a welcome relief to many consumers when Ofgem dropped its price cap by £238 a year to £1,690 from April 1, but British Gas says customers could save an extra £55 a year by opting for its fixed deal, assuming that the price cap remains the same.

Of course, no one currently knows if wholesale energy prices, and therefore the Ofgem price cap, will go up or down over the coming year, so the deal may look less attractive in a few months, but British Gas says consumers can freely switch to any cheaper fixed tariffs that it introduces down the line.

When deciding, British Gas advised its customers to think about their preferences when looking at the tariffs that it offers. From either a fixed or variable, the type of tariff that best suits customers’ homes will depend on the level of certainty they want over the price they pay and how often they want to switch either their tariff or their supplier.

While it’s worth considering different types of tariffs, the only sure-fire way to cut energy costs is to reduce usage with a well-insulated home and an efficient heating system. If you need to upgrade to an efficient modern boiler or simply have your existing one serviced, Xgas can send a gas engineer to Wrexham and other locations like Chester. Get it touch to learn more.