Can you spread the cost of a new boiler?

If your gas boiler has recently broken down or simply needs upgrading because it’s old and inefficient, a new boiler represents a significant expense, but many boiler providers offer a range of financing options to spread the cost.

For short-term financing periods, such as two years, companies may even offer interest-free deals when combined with a deposit. For example, say a boiler installation costs £2500. You might pay a 25% deposit of £625 upfront, followed by 24 monthly payments of £78.13. This makes the cost much more manageable while not incurring any additional credit costs. Companies may also offer other affordable short-term financing options, such as deferring the whole cost for up to a year.

Longer term financing, such as over 10 years, will allow you to spread the cost further, but this will generally involve paying interest as well. Nevertheless, this will allow a household to benefit from an efficient high-end modern boiler for just a relatively small monthly payment.

Whatever financing option you choose, you should bear in mind that when you upgrade from an old non-condensing boiler to a more efficient modern condensing one, you will likely see a noticeable reduction in your monthly energy bills, which will help compensate for the cost. A fresh warranty of up to 12 years will also give you additional peace of mind.

Xgas offers a range of financing options to qualifying individuals for boiler installation in Oswestry and other locations such as Wrexham, so get in touch to learn more.