Ecotricity launches competitive fixed tariffs

Ecotricity, which has claimed to be the UK’s greenest energy supplier, has begun offering a fixed tariff deal that works out cheaper than the current price cap.

For the typical UK household with dual fuel, the new deal works out at £1,540 per year, which is cheaper than the current Ofgem price cap of £1,690 for the default tariffs that many households are on. While the price cap is expected the drop slightly in July, the deal will likely still be competitive, and it gives customers peace of mind from knowing that their standing charges and unit rates will be stable for a year.

Dale Vince, the founder of Ecotricity, said:

“Energy bills are still double what they used to be, we’re aware of the impact that has for many people. Along with keeping prices keen, our customer service is ranked amongst the top three in the country and of course, we are the greenest energy supplier.”

Ecotricity supplies 100% renewable electricity. It also has a green gas mill that is already supplying the local gas grid with sustainable green gas, which can be used instead of traditional natural gas despite being produced from grass cuttings.

The prices above are based on typical usage, so your bills will be higher if you use more energy, such as because you have an inefficient old boiler. Xgas can send a gas engineer to Chester and other locations to replace such boilers with a highly efficient modern condensing boiler. Get in touch to learn more.