EDF pulls fixed-tariff deal

Energy retailer EDF Energy has withdrawn its Essentials 1Yr Apr25 offer, which was one of the few fixed-priced deals currently available on the market.

Households who took up the deal will pay £1,581 for average energy usage over the following year, which is £109 less than the £1,690 set by Ofgem’s current price cap. Rising wholesale energy costs appear to have driven the decision to remove the deal, with industry analyst Cornwall Insight now predicting that the price cap will be higher than it previously predicted for the rest of the year.

Customers were given a narrow window to still take up the deal, however. EDF’s director of retail, Rich Hughes, said about this:

“Wholesale energy prices have been falling for several months now, bringing welcome relief to consumers and means we have been able to offer our best fixed price tariff since 2021. However, given the recent rises in energy prices, if consumers want to secure our most affordable energy tariff they need to act now.”

While energy prices have largely stabilised, they remain relatively high compared to a few years ago. The best way to reduce energy bills is to lower your energy usage, and having an efficiently heated home is one way to achieve this.

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