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Future Fuels

Worcester Bosch’s Greener Technology

Xgas is the largest installer of Worcester Bosch boilers in North Wales and Cheshire, and we are delighted to inform our customers about the manufacturer’s innovative, more environmentally-friendly technology.

Worcester Bosch has invested in gas boilers that offer optimum efficiency, running on a 20% hydrogen blend.


Worcester Bosch’s latest series of boilers

As the UK focuses on government targets to reach net zero carbon emissions by the year 2050, Worcester Bosch’s hybrid boilers will offer a greener series of boilers that features heat pump and hydrogen technology.

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There are a range of benefits presented by hybrid boilers that run on a blend of 20% future fuel (hydrogen) and 80% natural gas. Not only are they more eco-friendly than 100% gas boilers, but they also offer energy efficiency and can be used with existing infrastructure.

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Hydrogen Boilers

A gas-fired heating boiler that is able to burn either (100%) pure hydrogen or natural gas is called a hydrogen-ready boiler.

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Heat Pumps

With these being a relatively new technology in the UK market, heat pumps are widely used in parts of Europe such as Scandinavia, where renewably sourced electricity is available in abundance.

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Hybrid Systems

A hybrid heating and hot water system produces heat by combining two or more technologies. These hybrid systems generate heat to provide hot water and heating.

Better for the planet, and your bills!

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