How much could a new boiler save you?

Getting a new boiler can be a considerable investment, but what is often overlooked is that it can also save you money on your energy bills if you currently have an older, less efficient boiler.

The efficiency of boilers is generally expressed as the percentage of heat produced from burning gas that actually gets used to heat your home.

With a traditional non-condensing boiler, much of the produced heat escapes through the flue. For example, an old G-rated boiler may be only 65% efficient. In comparison, a modern boiler rated from A to A+++ is usually more than 90% efficient.

This is because the warm air produced from burning gas also passes through a secondary condensing area to recover as much heat from it as possible before it is emitted through the flue.

This means less gas is needed to heat your home to the same temperature. What’s more, condensing boilers need less electricity to operate.

With heating being the biggest component of a typical home’s energy requirements, savings of up to 30% on annual energy bills are not unheard of. You could also make even greater savings if you upgrade your home’s insulation or install thermostatic radiator valves, which give you more control over the level of heat in individual rooms.

If you’re interested in getting a new boiler, but worried about the upfront costs, Xgas offers a range of ways to finance a boiler installation in Wrexham and the surrounding region. Get in touch to learn more.