Report finds many households exposed to failed boiler claims

A new report from the Gas Safe Register has found that 54% of homeowners could see a future claim for their gas boiler rejected due to confusion over some typical requirements of home emergency insurance and boiler warranties.

The report estimates that some 12.4 million homeowners are unaware of certain things that could invalidate an insurance policy or boiler warranty. For example, not getting an annual service could mean households will be on the hook to pay for an expensive boiler repair or replacement. To counter this, the Gas Safe Register has put together a team to raise awareness of the importance of regularly having gas boilers safety checked and serviced.

Presenter, columnist and consumer rights expert Martyn James says that many people did not read the terms in a policy or warranty until they needed to actually claim, by which point it may be too late. He pointed to some key points to consider:

“It’s vital to make sure you’ve had an annual gas safety check and service by a Gas Safe registered engineer. If you haven’t, it could invalidate a future claim. Without it, you’re potentially risking having to pay for one of the heftiest home appliance costs should something go wrong.”

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