Saving specialists highlight cheap energy fixes

The MoneySavingExpert (MSE) website, which was founded by Martin Lewis, has pointed out a few fixed-tariff deals that could save households money on their bills while having peace of mind from knowing that their energy costs won’t rise.

While the deals on offer are cheaper than the current Ofgem-set price cap that the vast majority of households are on, there’s always the chance that variable-tariff prices may drop lower, leaving residents paying more. To help inform the decision, the MSE website says:

“The most recent price cap prediction by analysts Cornwall Insight was a month ago […] it shows on average the price cap’s predicted to drop 3% over the next year. But Cornwall tell us things have sadly got more expensive since, so the price cap fall possibly won’t be as big as predicted.”

Among the offerings, a deal from EDF promises to work out 7% cheaper than the current price cap, while others from British Gas and E.on work out 5% cheaper. Note that leaving a fixed-tariff deal often involves an exit fee, and some providers require households to have, or get, a smart meter to qualify for their deals.

Your energy bills are, of course, based not just on the tariff you’re on, but also the amount of energy you use, and one way to reduce this is to replace an old boiler with an efficient modern equivalent. Xgas can provide such a boiler installation in Chester and other nearby locations, so get in touch today for a quote with no obligation.