Study finds gas boilers cheaper to run than wood burners

A new study funded by Impact on Urban Health, a charity concerned with urban health inequalities, has found that it is generally more expensive to use a wood burner to heat your home when compared with a modern gas boiler.

The study modelled various scenarios for using a wood burner that has been approved by Defra for a portion of a home’s heat. It then compared it to the cost of using a central heating system with a gas boiler. When including installation costs, a wood burner is 24% more expensive to run when using it for 20% of a home’s heating needs. This rises to 50% more expensive when using it for 80% of heating needs. Even when a wood burner is already in place, and therefore there are no installation costs, it is still 15% more expensive when the gas boiler is providing 80% of heating.

Impact on Urban Health’s Rachel Pidgeon said that increased wood burning was also having serious health consequences for people, adding:

“This research dispels the myth that wood burning is a cheaper energy alternative whilst shining a light on the toxic effect it has on the air we breathe. It’s vital that urban communities understand the connection between burning and the air pollution it creates.”

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