The advantages and disadvantages of different types of boiler

The decision to get a certain type of boiler can depend on a number of factors, so here’s a brief guide to the various types of boilers.

Firstly, there are conventional boilers. These systems typically comprise a gas boiler, a hot water cylinder, and a cold water tank in the loft. While these have waned in popularity in recent years due to the space requirements for the various tanks, they are still good for high-demand homes, such as those with multiple bathrooms, especially if the water pressure is low in the area.

Another popular option is the combi boiler, which heats hot water on demand through a heat exchanger. It has the advantage of not needing additional space for a cold water tank and hot water cylinder, and as it only heats water when needed, it can potentially save money compared to heating a large hot water tank. Nevertheless, the water pressure to your home needs to be sufficiently high, and combi boilers can struggle when multiple people need hot water, such as to take a shower, at the same time.

Finally, system boilers resemble conventional boilers, although these units take cold water from the mains rather than a water tank. While system boilers are more compact than conventional ones, they do still take up quite a bit of space, and are not quite as efficient as combi boilers.

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