Tips for saving money with heating settings: part 2

Here are some more tips for saving money by optimising the settings for your central heating system.

One way to have more control over your energy usage is to install thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs). These control the flow of warm water into individual radiators based on the temperature in that room, thus preventing energy from being wasted by excessively heating some rooms. They also have an adjustable dial that you can use to indicate your desired level of warmth. By setting them to a lower setting in any rooms that are unused or infrequently used, the warm water flows more to the radiators in the most-used rooms, meaning less energy is needed. It’s usually not a good idea to turn them off entirely, however, because a little warmth helps to keep damp and mould away.

You can also adjust the boiler flow temperature to save energy, at least if you have a modern condensing boiler. The efficiency of these boilers is highly dependent on the water temperature as it enters the boiler. Reducing the flow temperature can therefore increase the overall efficiency and reduce your total energy usage, although your home may take a little longer to heat up due to the radiators not being as warm.

Having your boiler serviced regularly is also important for ensuring it’s working efficiently and safely. Xgas engineers can perform a boiler service in Wrexham, Chester, Flintshire and the surrounding areas, so get in touch to arrange an appointment.