Utility Warehouse passes a million customers

Boiler cover and multiservice provider Utility Warehouse (UW) has passed the milestone of getting its millionth customer, as consumers seek to reduce the cost of their utilities amid the cost-of-living crisis.

UW describes itself as the country’s only true multiservice provider, with it offering customers the option of bundling together their energy, broadband, insurance and mobile services to make life simpler and save money. UW claims that since 2021, it has attracted more than 343,000 new customers, saving them a total of around £30 million on their energy costs, as well as a further £8 million by using its cashback card.

Utility Warehouse’s Co-Chief Executive Officer, Stuart Burnett, said about the development:

“Passing the one million customer milestone is a huge achievement for us and testament to our innovative business model. It shows that people are looking for a genuinely different way to manage their household bills, particularly with the cost-of-living remaining high.”

UW is among the few companies currently offering fixed tariffs for energy, although customers need to pair it with one or two other UW services. In both cases, it says consumers will pay less for energy than they would under Ofgem’s upcoming April price cap and enjoy certainty for 12 months.

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