What are the benefits of installing a combi boiler?

If you have a traditional boiler, you may be wondering if it’s a good idea to replace it with a combi boiler. Here are some reasons why you may want to do this.

The main difference between traditional and combi boilers is how they supply hot water to your home’s systems. Traditional heating systems store water in a heating cylinder that is typically installed in an airing cupboard or attic, so the water needs to be heated ahead of it being needed. Combi boilers, in contrast, heat water as and when it is needed.

One instant advantage of going from a traditional to a combi boiler is that you can reclaim the space occupied by the hot and cold water tanks. Modern combi boilers can also be very compact in themselves. Many modern combi boilers are also very efficient, with condensing boilers now typically having energy efficiencies in excess of 90%.

A further advantage is that hot water doesn’t rely on gravity to provide the water pressure, meaning that you may be able to benefit from a more powerful water supply for your showers. These advantages make combi boilers particularly suited to modern properties, where compact and efficient boilers are desired by many homeowners.

Nevertheless, a combi boiler is not the right option for everyone. When considering a boiler installation in Chester or other nearby locations, Xgas can advise you about the most suitable option. Get in touch today to learn more.