What are the three types of boilers?

When you install a new boiler, you can choose between system, combi, and regular boilers. In this blog, we’re providing a brief guide to these options.

Among the various options, combi boilers are popular because a single unit can provide both hot water and heating directly, thus removing the need for a hot water tank. New boilers now also boast a 90% efficiency or better, meaning less wasted gas. Furthermore, combi boilers are usually quite compact in size, which means you don’t have to find as much space in your home to accommodate them.

Nevertheless, there may be cases where a conventional or system boiler with a hot water tank may be more appropriate, such as if your water pressure is low or you have multiple bathrooms. While system boilers require slightly more space than combi boilers because of the addition of a hot water tank, they’re not quite the largest installation you could have in your home.

Regular or heat-only boilers, on the other hand, come with a cylinder and water tank. This means you’ll need more space to install them. However, heat-only boilers don’t require a high-pressure supply of water. Therefore, if you are able to accommodate the overall size of an installation like this, a regular boiler might be the best option, especially if you have an older heating system.

Xgas offers boiler installation in Wrexham and the surrounding area for all the above types, so consult with a specialised technician to fully explore your options.