What is the best location for a boiler?

When you have a new boiler installed, there are a number of locations in your home you could choose to place it, depending on the amount of space you have. In this blog, we’re taking a look at some of these, detailing some of the advantages and disadvantages you need to consider.

Perhaps one of the most obvious places to place a boiler would be the kitchen, as this is a place of activity where hot water will be most needed, and much of the necessary pipework is there, making installation easier. Many modern boilers are also so compact that you can fit them in a cupboard if you’re willing to sacrifice the storage space. You can even install a boiler near to a cooker and even over a hub, subject to certain minimum distance restrictions, but you may want to avoid the latter to prevent steam from the hob potentially damaging your boiler.

Another common location for boilers in many homes is an airing cupboard. These are often located in varied locations around the house, such as beside the bathroom or stairs. Often, an airing cupboard is more than capable of providing sufficient space for boilers both compact and larger. However, if you wish to use your airing cupboard for other storage needs, the presence of a boiler may make this slightly more different.

One location that can conserve space in the rest of your home is the loft, although you will need to consider access. For example, it should be boarded with lighting available, and there should be enough space for an engineer to work safely when servicing it or effecting repairs. Another possibility is the garage, but as a commonly unheated space, you’ll need to think about protecting against the frost, although many modern boilers typically have frost-protection built in.

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