What should I do if my boiler is making a noise?

It’s normal for a boiler to make a little noise when operating, but unusual noises can be indicative of a serious issue. Of course, you should never attempt to repair a boiler yourself, but being aware of the most common issues is a primary step to addressing them safely.

For example, a gurgling sound may indicate the presence of air in the system. A gas engineer may solve this problem by simply bleeding every radiator in the house. Also, a humming noise may be due to the system pressure being too high, which can again be addressed by bleeding a radiator to release enough pressure to get to the level recommended by the manufacturer. If these issues persist, you’ll definitely require a qualified engineer’s services to check your boiler.

Other noises may indicate more serious problems that will require attention from an engineer. For example, a dripping noise may indicate a leak that should be urgently attended to. Likewise banging noises, tapping sounds, and vibrations are indicative of more serious problems like loose parts or build ups of limescale. There is also phenomenon called “kettling”, when the boiler whistles like an old-fashioned kettle. This is usually caused by limescale building up on the heat exchanger and will need professional attention.

Overall, an efficient boiler should be a quiet boiler. Ignoring unusual sounds could mean that the underlying problem will get worse over time, potentially running the risk that a more expensive repair or possibly even a replacement will be needed. If you’re worried about any noises coming from your boiler, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact a reliable gas engineer right away. Xgas can dispatch a gas engineer to Wrexham and other locations to ensure your boiler is working as it should.