What sort of care plan should you get?

Getting a new boiler is a substantial investment, so it makes sense to protect that investment.

Getting an accompanying care plan is one way to do this, but what are the options?

A new boiler may come with a warranty of up to 12 years, but an annual service is often a condition of such warranties.

A service also ensures your boiler is working efficiently, reliably and safely, as well as not showing any signs of potential failure.

Getting a basic service plan helps spread the cost of this over the year, and you may get additional perks, such as priority service in cases of breakdown and discounted parts on any out-of-warranty repairs.

For a little extra, you may want to extend the cover to your heating system, so the heating-related pipework, valves and radiators, as well as any external controls, will be repaired in cases of failures or leaks.

If the warranty on your boiler has expired, but it’s still working reliably and efficiently, you may wish to go for a plan that gives complete care for your boiler. In addition to the benefits of a basic plan, you’ll be covered for the repair of anything within the boiler’s casing. For the ultimate peace of mind, you can opt for a care plan that covers both the heating system and the boiler.

Xgas offers a range of care plans to accompany a boiler installation in Chester and other locations around the Wrexham area. Speak to one of our operatives to learn more.