When should you replace an old boiler?

When something breaks down, it’s only natural to consider repairing it rather than replacing it entirely. However, this should never be the case with your boiler. Boilers are not intended to last forever, and there comes a point when the sensible option is to replace it with a new modern boiler.

With suitable care and maintenance, an average boiler can last for around 15 years. Many manufacturers provide up to a 12-year warranty that reflects the boiler’s expected lifespan. Once a boiler’s age gets well into double digits, though, it’s definitely worth considering replacing it. The wear and tear that a boiler experiences over the years means that an older boiler is more prone to failure and issues like leaks. It could also be more difficult to source parts for older models, making repairs more expensive. If frequent repairs are needed, it may be more economical to get a new boiler with the peace of mind that comes with a 12-year warranty.

This is especially true if your gas or oil boiler was installed before April 2005 or 2007, respectively, because it may not be a condensing boiler. Modern condensing boilers are much more efficient than their traditional counterparts, with energy efficiencies in excess of 90%. This can lead to considerable savings on your energy bills, and thus can make the cost of a new boiler more manageable.

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