Why you should never fit a boiler yourself

If you’re adept at doing maintenance work yourself, you may be wondering if you can save some money by fitting your own boiler. However, there are many valid reasons why you should NOT do this, and this blog will talk you through some of these.

Natural gas is a highly flammable hydrocarbon, and working with it should not be taken lightly. An incorrectly fitted boiler could lead to a gas leak, which is extremely dangerous for many reasons. A poorly fitted boiler could also leak carbon monoxide, a life-threatening and hard-to-spot gas when leaking. This is the main reason why any gas work should be performed by a Gas Safe Registered engineer.

There are also some other practical reasons for getting a boiler professionally fitted. First, the warranty on your boiler may stipulate that it must be fitted by a qualified engineer. This may also include the engineer needing to complete a manufacturer’s training course. Voiding your warranty means you will have to pay to correct any issues that arise yourself.

Gas Safe Registered engineers can also certify their own work, avoiding the need to get the local authority to verify that it meets building regulations, and they can work with customers in choosing the right boiler and ensuring that the rest of the heating system is functioning efficiently.

If you ever feel tempted to install your own boiler, your only viable option is to resist these temptations. Xgas engineers are, of course, fully qualified to conduct a boiler installation in Chester, Wrexham and many other nearby locations. Get in touch today to obtain a no-obligation quote.